Atlantic Humanitarian Relief was formed to address the humanitarian crisis by bringing added medical personnel, training, and resources to the refugee populations, predominantly in and around Jordan. It began with one man, carrying bags of medications to those in need; mission after mission, the AHR vision grew and continues to grow as we have more volunteers and more specialties being represented to service the refugees in Jordan.

Our mission is to provide medical relief and support services that address the physical wounds and emotional suffering of those impacted by civil tensions in surrounding countries. We focus our time and services to those seeking not only medical attention, but also psychological care as well. Throughout the several trips, volunteers have brought educational kits for children, books, face paint, games, toys, and various articles of clothing for all ages.

Aside from our biannual mission trips, AHR has various projects throughout the year. The organization has helped establish sustainable care units that address the medical and humanitarian needs of refugees; AHR is proud to say they have built strong networks in Jordan to be able to better service refugees, not only during the mission trips, but post-op as well for those with surgical needs.